Absolver Community Feature Wishlist

Last week I posted a Google Form Survey with some questions

Survey Link: Absolver Community Feature Wishlist

I was overwhelmed with the response, in two days I had 55 responses, past my goal of 50 by the end of the weekend!

I am currently working on an infographic for the results - I suck at infographs so if you wana help let me know - but I will post the raw results shortly!

Please note I am expecting my newborn to arrive any day this week and so that and finishing up in work are in part the reason for taking a while to publish the results!

Please note this is a fan effort and not in anyway associated with SloClap or /r/Absolver


WonderButt69s Absolver Tools and Stuff!

If you're like me and play Absolver to live out a martial arts fantasy, then you want an authentic name for your school.
If you're also like me and you're shit at naming things, then you might find this useful!

Check out the School/Style name generator, hope you enjoy :)