The State Department is missing $79 million in anti-ISIS funding because Tillerson has yet to sign two memos

Tillerson’s impromptu vacation sparked chatter of his imminent resignation, though a State Department spokeswoman said Tillerson remains committed to his duties.
A blistering report published Monday in Foreign Policy, however, refutes that claim, detailing what some U.S. diplomacy alums have deemed an “unprecedented assault on the State Department” under Tillerson.
With Tillerson at the helm, “there is no vision,” one State official said.
Another official, who recently quit his post, said, “If you break the way the State Department actually functions, then you’re going to have chaos.
Bureaucratic rules required that Tillerson simply write and sign two memos — one for $19 million from Congress and one for $60 million through the Defense Department — saying State needed the funds.

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