U.S. Freezes Maduro’s Assets, Warns More Venezuela Sanctions Likely

The United States imposed sanctions Monday on Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in response to weekend elections that the Trump administration characterized as a sham meant to turn Maduro into a dictator.
McMaster, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, announced that any of Maduro’s assets subject to U.S. jurisdiction had been frozen and that Americans were prohibited from dealing with him.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro celebrates results of elections for his new National Constituent Assembly in Caracas on Monday.
He is now a dictator,” McMaster said at the White House, calling Sunday’s elections to replace Venezuela’s National Assembly with a new National Constituent Assembly an “outrageous seizure of absolute power.”
Mnuchin, meanwhile, warned that “anyone who participates in this illegitimate [National Constituent Assembly] could be exposed to future U.S. sanctions for their role in undermining democratic processes and institutions in Venezuela.”

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